Roller Shutters


Roller Shutter Doors are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings, providing a secure and durable barrier against unauthorized entry and weather. These doors are constructed from high-quality materials, with the curtain formed from cold-rolled galvanized slats. Depending on the size of the door, slats of varying thicknesses are available. The curtain is flanked and secured by two vertical guide rails made of thick cold-rolled Galvanized Steel. This ensures that the door moves smoothly and securely, while also providing stability.
The T-bar is an essential component of a roller shutter door, providing extra support and rigidity to the curtain. It is made of solid 5mm thick Aluminium and is inverted in shape, interlocking with the bottom slat of the door. This not only lends strength to the door but also helps to keep it level and in place. The T-bar also houses the slider bolt locking system if required, adding an additional layer of security to the door.
Overall, Roller Shutter Doors are a reliable and robust choice for any commercial or industrial building. With their high-quality construction and durable materials, they provide excellent security and protection against the elements.
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